Fall 2012: How much lace can you have in your wardrobe?

Yesterday, I went on a giant shopping spree.  This was a shopping spree that was born out of necessity.  In my old age, I have begun to put on weight, particularly around my midsection.  While this could be easily remedied by working out for more than three-week stints and not eating my feelings, I apparently lack self-control and motivation and am generally apathetic.  (No, really, I swear I’m going to start working out again on Monday.  And not eating entire bags of Potato Stix.)  While on this quest for larger shirts that do not cling to the adorable rolls that I have acquired, I noticed what is apparently THE TREND of Fall 2012: lace.

I also noticed a great deal of leopard, which, by the way, I’m really into and deserves a post of its own in which is praise the Kardashians for bringing back something I was obsessed with in eighth grade.  Definitely had velour leopard pajamas.  Thank you, Rave.  But we’ll talk about that another day …

I actually love this lace trend.  This is a bummer because I am currently a teacher (at a Christian school, no less) and none of these relatively transparent delights would be appropriate for my workplace, even with a camisole.  Put away them there spaghetti straps, heathen!  Still, this is such a pretty look.  It’s feminine, without being super-trendy and crazy.  I don’t do those looks, mostly because I look a fool if I try to put them off, so I stick to pretty basic, classic apparel.  Lace is classic, but because of the intricate detailing, it also adds an “almost trendy” flair.

A couple of examples of the lace obsession:

This is actually $98 so I can’t afford it, but it’s still cute.

Striped Lace Tee from The Limited — this is 40% off online. Holy cow.


In short, this look is everywhere.  I like it.  I want to wear it.  But I could probably only get away with it on the weekends.

How do you feel about lace?



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